Seaton Groyne's

Seaton Sluice Groynes.
Seaton Sluice lies half a mile north of the village of Hartley, and was once part of it, being called Hartley Pans, because of the salt-pans that were used to make salt there from as far back as 1236. Hartley was once an area stretching from the Brier Dene Burn (in present-day Whitley Bay) to the Seaton Burn, which belonged to Tynemouth Priory. In 1100 the land became the property of the Hubert de Laval, nephew by marriage to William the Conqueror. The de Lavals (or Delavals) settled about half a mile inland from Hartley Pans and their place of residence becameSeaton Delaval, the name 'Seaton' being derived from Old English meaning a settlement (ton) by the sea.
​This is a 30 second exposure shot.

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