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Welcome to  the gallery of John Carsons Photography. A collection of coastal images extracted from the beauty and the very best of north east England. Coastal image photography that has been captured from the coastline shaped through years and years of history from the actions of the sea, weather elements, man and time.
The coastline of north east England is without doubt one of the most scenic, rugged and charming locations that the uk has to offer. Qualities found in abundance are pleasing rocky cliffs and caves , windswept beaches, working fishing villages and communities, friendly harbour ports and towns.
A stunning coastline that can be explored on foot, bicycle or horseback, long golden sand beaches presented with iconic castles and a large dose of Victorian architecture.
Major motorway networks are within a short drive from the north east coastline, and the large number of beaches means you can have your time as quiet or as busy as you like. For the more active with lots of walkers and surfers, to the more remote beaches which can feel so long it seems no one else exists. It isn't uncommon to find a secluded beach where you can have a few miles of sea, sand and dune completely to yourself.
Please spend some time looking through the gallery at the many coastal images displayed . Everything seen is all my own photography , captured from a region that I have lived in all my life, and still get that buzz of great satisfaction from being out by the coastline, capturing the beauty and character of it all on camera in those early hours of the day when most people are still sleeping.
If you’re interested in purchasing any prints, canvas or acrylics, please use the contact form letting me know of sizes and finish requirements, and I will get back to you.


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