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 Landscape Images and Photo’s of the North East.

Welcome to the website portfolio of John Carson’s Photography. I specialise in Landscape Photography and spend my time photographing scenic landscape images, seascape and occasionally cityscape , in and around north east England.
 My inspiration for landscape photography comes from the scenic and stunning locations than can  be found in the north east .
Although it is, as it is seems at times a waiting game to capture both natural light and those golden, blue and red colours of light which contribute greatly to creating  stunning photography from a region where we really are spoilt for choice. Capturing both the tranquillity of early morning or late evening , obtaining that extra definition of bringing both light and colour to my images.

Image Portfilio.
Image Portfilio.
All of the images seen on my site are available to purchase in the gallery , all are available on Print, Canvas Wrap & Acrylic. Simply select the image you like and complete with the sizing and printing options. All images are supplied ready to hang making an eye catching and distinctive addition to any room , office or business.

My Approach
Once i have decided on a location i would like to shoot its then a case of Basically keeping an eye on the weather, as you know the UK weather constantly changes so i usually have a plan B, again its the weather i have to watch. Sunrises & sunsets are my favourite as the sky can turn any colour, lovely soft pastels, bright reds and even golden. The other thing is you never see the same sky twice. So i choose my location try and do a bit of research on the best location to set down my gear for the best possible composition. On a sunrise i usually try & get to the location at least 45 mins before the rise just so i can set my gear up and im ready for when the sky starts changing colour.Its a fantastic feeling when your out waiting then all of a sudden the colour appears, the only downside is when you have to get up at 3am and drive for an hour to your chosen location but then when you get home and view what youve captured all that is forgotten about.
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